Thursday, November 1, 2012

Friday Favorites

What even happened this week? Here are a few of my favorite things from my life + around the Interwebz. Czech it out! 

(Friday Favorites will be a weekly thing from now on. Go here to see the first ever Friday Favorites post!)

Thanks to Pinterest, I am already planning ways to be a BOMB MOM. 100 ways to be kind to your child.

This girl has great style and a gorgeous face. She knows how to rock those curves.

When I have my imaginary children, I'll probably do this to help them remember far-away family members.

I was brave this Halloween and dressed up. I am not a huge fan of Halloween. Don't hate me. The 50 best costumes of 2012.

This guy  had a sister getting married, but didn't know what to get her. He made a list of ways he blew his previous two marriages to help her keep hers intact. Love it.

Remember how my BFFL was going cray producing Deep Love: A Ghostly Folk Opera? Well, we went to the last night at the Covey Center yesterday, and had a blast! I got so caught up in the music and emotion, and Matt was digging the changes in musical style from one song to another. It happens every Halloween in Idaho, Utah, and hopefully Washington, soon. Don't miss it next year!

My latest goal is to listen to the Book of Mormon while I get ready for the day and on my commute to work. It's so much easier for me than reading it, and I feel awesome when I get to work! There's an audio function on the LDS Gospel Library app that is super convenient.

I would like to go here, please...

Speaking of being a Champion of Truth, Gandhi is an OG.

This bird makes me so happy.

Christmas is coming! I am determined to start our own family traditions for every holiday. What's your favorite Christmas tradition?

I am trying to be a better teacher and teach the way children learn.

 Going to the gym is SO HARD this week. I don't think I went once. Oops...

 I had a dream last night that we owned a home and the mafia came barging in and took everyone hostage. Who's everyone, you say? Us and the Kardashians. They were just sitting in a corner saying things like, "O.M.G. I can't believe the MAFIA is here" and whatnot. I woke up terrified. The doorbell rang and I ran into our closet until I was sure the perpetrator was gone! Oh boy...

Lesbehonest. I'm doing preventative measures now to make sure Matt and I stay married forever :) Don't want to ruin a good thing! Here's some good advice that I will probably be taking in the next 65 years.

Matt and I want a dog so bad, but we just don't have the time or the space for one. I grew up with daschunds and just swoon every time I see a picture of one.

Look at that face!!!

Matt and I will be spending our weekend watching our nephew, Charlie. We're going to the dinosaur museum at Thanksgiving Point with C and the Johnsons, and then I have a bridal shower for future Mrs. Johnson. And hopefully, our friend Amy will have her baby! 

What did you do this week?

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K La said...

If you are doing the cut out pictures to help them remember far-away family members on Matt's side, I can tell you now, to fridge in the world is that big.

Kellies said...

Haha I bet I could find one...But you're right. Maybe we'll have a Hunger Games type contest where people have to vie for a spot on the fridge.

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