Saturday, October 27, 2012

On Being A Champion of Truth

I once had a friend tell me that I was her "truest friend". I had never had anyone describe me like that before, and it has stuck with me for almost a year now. I was pretty flattered. What does it mean to be a true friend? I think back to that relationship with said friend, and I think being a true friend to her meant sharing vulnerabilities, being there for each other through amazing and horrific times, having a massive falling out and reconciling, and being honest with her when it was more convenient to be fake.

I pride myself in being an honest person. Sometimes I'm so honest people can't handle it. I say what I think no matter what (most of the time). If I'm not telling you the absolute truth, that's a sure sign that I don't respect you enough to care about being honest with you. If you hear the truth from me, even when it's inconvenient, you know that I care enough about you to be real with you.

So I might tell you that you talk too much. Or that I would rather eat at a different restaurant than the one you picked. Or I might tell you that I love you even though you're a hipster, or that I can't hang out with you this weekend because I need to have Ms. Lippy time.

I'll go on a rant about one dumb thing or another way more often than I should, and you might have to sit through it. I might get angry at my husband for 5 seconds in front of you 24 hours after we met because he got pulled over again. 

I might often be annoying or too opinionated or pushy or picky.

But at least I'm being real.

I'd rather be real in good and bad times, than be fake...any day of the week.

BTW, There are some benefits to being friends with a Champion of Truth:

If you're awesome, I'll tell you.

If your baby is the most gorgeous thing I've ever seen, I'll tell you.

If your outfit is bad, and you haven't bought it yet, and we're in a store and you ask me, I'll tell you not to buy it. I'll save you SO much money. And when your outfit makes you look like Megan Fox, I'll tell you to buy that so hard and so quick.

If you want to chop of your hair in a moment of girl frustration, I will talk you down until you've gained your senses and realize that 92% of women look better with long hair. Unless you are a specific kind of sassy, in which case your personality can pull. that. look. off.

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