Thursday, June 13, 2013

My Love Affair With...


How many times have I walked down the drink aisle without noticing that nectar of the gods on the top shelf? It's like I'm suddenly Belle and it's Beast and there's something there that wasn't there before. I'm in wuv!

Seriously, have you ever tried coconut juice? It's the most refreshing, exotic thing I can drink at 1pm on a weekday in my basement office. I drink it, and I'm suddenly on a tropical island slathered in tanning oil. In this fantasy I'm also fit and tan, but that's a different post.

Yes, Food, Inc. This juice is from Thailand or some other place I've never been to. Technically that's a lot of gas calories. But you know what? This Coke-loving lunatic finally switched to something healthier and natural, and that is something worth noting. Maybe one day I'll live on a commune and grow all my own food and stop wearing deodorant like the dreadlock-headed gentleman in line before me at Provo Art and Frame. But today is not that day. So I'm celebrating my minuscule health victory with what else but... a coconut juice.
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