Sunday, June 2, 2013

2013 Bucket List Challenge: Get Something Published

This post is a part of the 2013 Bucket List series, in which I tell the whole world my goals so I have to complete them. You can read the original post here. Here is an update on one of my 2013 goals:

If you lived in Provo, and were looking for some sort of Provo-related news and entertainment, you could go to and most likely see an article written by me.

That's right, ladies and gentlemen! My semi-life-long dream of being published somewhere has finally come true. I realize that I write for this blog all the time, but there's something so validating about having an actual website tell you you're allowed to contribute. It's a great feeling. 

Just in case my mother is worrying at this point about my ability to make a living like a real adult, I'm not quitting my day job for this. I'll be contributing one article a week. But hey, it's something. And I get to write about the town I have lived in for seven years. I know this place like the back of my hand...literally. One time Matt blindfolded me and drove me around the city so I wouldn't catch on to his romantic anniversary plans, and I could tell where we were at every turn. 


Writing content for a website that people actually read is a little daunting. I feel like I can write almost whatever I want on here because the readers are mostly people I know and love. This is not the case for Provo Buzz, and I'm worried that I'll get some hate mail at some point. Until then, I'm loving this image:

My year of the Bucket List Challenge is shaping up to be pretty awesome. 
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Krisanne said...

That's so fantastic! Congratulations! I'm headed over there now to check it out.

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