Tuesday, January 1, 2013

2013 Bucket List

HAPPY 2013!!

I know that I just barely professed that I wasn't going to make any new New Year's Resolutions. Now you all know that I'm an extreme hypocrite. Let's be nice and just say that I'm like Alice... "I knew what I was this morning, but I've changed a few times since then." A woman reserves the right to change her mind, right? ... Especially when she's realized that not making goals gets you nowhere???

However, I hate the idea of making soft goals like "work out more" or "be nice to people" that never have any checkpoints. What I can do is write down the goals I have already been working towards! They're pretty concrete, but loose enough so I don't feel too much pressure to succeed, then end up quitting.

I get inspired by the bucket lists of others, so hopefully this can inspire you! These are things I've been wanting to do for a while. The catch now is that I have to report on these on this blog when I finish them. Hopefully that'll keep me honest.

I challenge you to do the same thing! Tell your readers about your select 2013 Bucket List items, then you'll have to complete them! I'll be keeping you updated every Tuesday until the goals are completed. Here they are:

Throw a Favorite Things party

My boss keeps talking about these awesome parties she goes to where everyone brings 5 favorite things under $5, then divvy them out so everyone goes home with 5 new favorite things. I was going to do a Christmas FT party, but things got too busy. Things are in the works for January. If you would like to attend and you live in Utah Valley, let me know!

Save enough money for a summer cruise

Matt has been wanting to go on a cruise for a while now. My family has been on a few, and we loved them. We have a teeny bit of debt to pay off, but once that is done, we are moving forward full-steam to save for this trip. We are putting 5-10% of each paycheck in a glass jar and aren't allowed to take that money out once it's in. Hopefully by April we will have enough to go to the Bahamas! I always say I want to do cool trips like this, but never make them happen. I always worry that we have more important things to pay for. But if we don't do things like this now, they will never happen, and then we'll wake up one day, 90 and too frail to do anything cool. I always thought that you do what you prioritize, so we're prioritizing a trip this year.

Read all the books I got for Christmas

My reading obsession ebbs and flows, and right before Christmas, it flowed! I asked for a bunch of books. Now the goal is to read them before I forget about them. I'll be posting reviews on the blog once I finish each book.

Try out monthly meal-planning

Cooking is hard. I love the result but never think to plan any meals. I have encountered a bunch of meal-planning pins on Pinterest, so I'm going to try them out and document the journey.

Once these goals are completed, I'll probably add a few more goals to the list. If you would like to join me in the 2013 Bucket List Challenge, please put a link of this post in your blog, then comment on this post so I know you're in! 
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Beth Castillo said...

Done. Haha. Also, I've been on hold 44:35 minutes now.


e.a.s. said...


Kellies said...

I'm glad I could help cure your hold-induced boredom, Beth. Thank for joining the challenge, guys!

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