Sunday, October 28, 2012

The 8th Wonder of the WORLD!

The first time I heard about the Kennecott Copper Mine, I was 19 and had probably never been anywhere in Utah but Provo, St George and downtown Salt Lake. Every couple of months, Matt would say, "We need to go to Kennecott Copper Mine," and then spew of a bunch of facts about it. I would utter some platitudes, and he wouldn't bring it up for another few months. I honestly had no idea what the lure of a big hole in the ground brought, and I avoided it like the plague. Who knows why.

Luckily, Matt went on his mission before I had to go! I thought the subject was tabled until he started bringing it up every few weeks. Matt finally decided he wanted to go for reals, and turned it into a double date so he could trick me into going! Little did I know, he tricked the other couple into going by saying, "Kellie REALLY wants to go see this." That little trickster!

He kept saying, "Kennecott Copper Mine is the only thing besides the Great Wall of China that you can see from SPACE! Space, babe. Space. I'm pretty sure it's the Eighth Wonder of the World." 


(By the way, it's definitely not. But you can def see it from space.)

So yesterday we drove out to Herriman to see the mine. It was honestly a lot cooler than I thought it was going to be. Yes, it is a huge hole in the earth. But we have been watching Gold Rush a lot, and I've been getting excited about finding little specks of shiny stuff in millions of pounds of straight dirt. There was even a video explaining the mining process that was probably made in the 90s, seeing as the host's pants were basically up to her belly button (the higher the waistline, the older the pants). The hole is over a mile across! And the trucks they use to haul the dirt are bigger than Optimus Prime!

While we were there, I finally figured out why Matt cared so much about this hole. He loves digging! Give him a shovel and patch of ground and he would probably dig until he got to China. I don't know why, but he does, and I love that about him. I love that he cares so deeply about something that most people would not care about. That man's got passion in spades.

He's honestly the most endearing person I know.

So now I can say I've been to the Kennecott Copper Mine. If you have small children, or a husband who loves digging, just do it. And yell something awesome into the hole for me while you're there.

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