Monday, October 29, 2012

Frogs in His Tummy

My nephew Charlie is the closest experience I have to being a mother. When he was just a few months old, my schedule was free enough that I was able to spend the night at my sister's house one night a week to take care of him the next day while she was at work. He's the reason I don't have crazy magic baby fever like I used to, because I got a teeny tiny taste of how work is involved in having a child. BTW, I had a great time with him, but all babies are work. I still want children badly, and I'll take one when God's ready. 

Matt is so good with children. His aunt pulled me aside at the family reunion and reminded me that I got a catch who would be a great father. I agree! 
2009 Charlie and Kellie!
Anyhwey, I love living a town away from them so that I can do things like meet them at the pet store to check out puppies and cats at an adoption event! They were on their way to a Halloween party, so they came dressed up. Maureen is pregnant with another little Charlie skeleton baby! 

If you are ever itching to get your child out of the house, walk them around the pet store for half an hour. He was absolutely mesmerized by the animals, and even the ceramic fish tank props for sale haha. 

He was really excited to see the frogs, because apparently there is a frog in his tummy. 

"Mom has a baby in her belly, dad has dinner, and I have a frog."
"Charlie, who put the frog in your tummy?"

Makes sense to a 3-year-old...Good enough for me.

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