Saturday, October 27, 2012

Friday Favorites

What even happened this week? Here are a few of my favorite things from around the Interwebz. Czech it out!

An artist hung a living tree in the middle of an abandoned church.

This website turns your kid's art into a real-life stuffed toy! 

Tina Fey on the female body.

Make your own Harry Potter wand in time for Halloween! 

The perfect bridesmaids' gift on your wedding day. I stole this idea from this website for my wedding and loved thinking of things to put inside!

The most hipster thing I have ever seen.

I've been trying to figure out small ways to make teaching less monotonous/more enjoyable/awesome for my students. I have started doing short exercises in the middle of my 30-minute presentations with my students. The small ones love pretending to be seeds that grow up towards the sun to turn into a tree. We're basically doing yoga! It gets their wiggles out and is a nice break for me from talking. They love me because I don't just talk at them, we do fun things!

Check out this adorable theme park in Beijing.

I am obsessed with the street art movement going on lately. This project is amazing.

Have you ever wondered what an old b+w picture would look like if it were taken today? Abraham Lincoln, Charles Darwin, Anne Frank, etc, colored in.

This week I have...

been thinking about the universe 

and trying to live my religion more

and keeping positive thoughts in my heart

and looking at pretty art

and having quiet thoughts

and maybe planning my future baby's room (not yet)

and wishing I had her swag

and loving this Zooey quote

and trying to be so quietly awesome at life that people can't ignore me

and doing things that make me happy (which, this week, is sleep because I have been sick)

and trying to make my corner of the world better with a good attitude.

What did you do this week?

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