Saturday, November 1, 2014

Week 5 (Day 34) - HUNGER

Welp it's the day after Halloween, which means a sugar crash for suresies. I didn't really eat that much candy yesterday, but it felt like so much because I never eat it. We went over to my sister's house yesterday to pass out candy and watch Food Network like the Halloween grinches we are. I got so hopped up on sugar and freaked out that I was currently 1000 (ONE THOUSAND) calories over what I had burned that I started doing jumping jacks and running around the room in circles. I woke up this morning and my calories evened out so I only ate about 300 calories more than I burned, but it was still a crappy feeling. I felt fat and weird yesterday and went to bed early. Today is a new day, though. The bright side is that I saw our friends the Todds yesterday (who I haven't seen in person in forever) and Katie told me that she can tell a difference! That made me feel really good even though I was feeling bleh.

I have still been working out consistently, which is great considering I'm at the end of week 5 and all my obsessions usually peter out by now! I've had a few days where I just really have zero motivation to go to the gym, but Kait motivates me to go. Having a gym buddy is the best! I downloaded this personal trainer app and she does the exercises with me in the lady gym so we can look dumb together (not alone)! We're also going to do Jillian Michaels Yoga, which totally helped me lose the weight last time. It's a yoga video on steroids and it seriously makes you sweat and shake and burn calories like crazy. I threw the dvd away in exasperation when I got fat, but I found the video online.

Last weigh-in I only lost .2 lbs and it sucked, but at least it's .2 and not 0 or -5, right?

Still using my FitBit, which really helps me on the days I feel ravenously hungry. Yes, this week I have been so so so hungry it hurts. What is that all about? Sometimes I forget that my body is messed up and the insulin resistance that comes with my PCOS makes me different aka constantly hungry. I feel lame when I have to go get a snack at 10am and eat it in front of everyone (that's the way our office is built) because I'm so hungry my stomach kills and no one knows that I have PCOS. PCOS is definitely something that not a lot of people are aware of and it just looks like a fat girl's disease. There is an underlying reason we are fat, people! It's not an excuse, but it's a reason.

The FitBit gives me permission to eat so I'm not starving, and tells me how much I need to burn to counteract the calories. It's so personalized and SO helpful. Before I had no idea how much I was burning at all. Now I have a ballpark, and doing in vs. out math is so easy with it. If you're trying to lose weight, I have about 1,000 more reasons why you should get a FitBit. Seriously. It's AMAZINGGGGGGGGGGGGGG guys.

Well there's my all-over-the-place two week update. This blog has swiftly petered into a personal journal, but whatever. It's helping and that's all that matters.

Bottom Line from the past two weeks: Trying to stay motivated by doing different workouts. So so so hungry but still counting calories. I'm just keepin on.
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