Monday, November 17, 2014

Week 8, Day FIFTY! Ultrasound Month 2

Last month I went in for two ultrasounds to see how my babymaker was working. Things didn't look too great according to the doctor. I didn't ovulate. He added the Femara and told me to come back this month. I just had my first ultrasound and he said things are looking much better than they were last month. I may even ovulate...what a concept!

The doctor also told me that I have a pretty severe case of PCOS. "It's not mild," he said. It's pretty full-blown. Lovely. At the same time he keeps saying he's confident I'll get pregnant, but it may take some time. I guess I just have to trust him. His waiting room is always full, which means he has to know what he's talking about, right? ...Right?

Meanwhile I'm learning a lot about PCOS. For example, I know that I have SAD and I just found out that having PCOS makes you more prone to having SAD. So does living in Utah, actually.

I'm still trying to lose weight, too. Last week I was pretty much out for the count because of my back. But I'm going back to the gym tonight and am going to try to run that 5k again.

Saying bye bye to exercise meant saying bye bye to eating well, too. I haven't been eating very great lately so that's gotta change. I'm still a few hundred calories under during the weekdays, but not enough. And on weekends I'm sometimes a hundred or so calories OVER or I break even. I know that losing weight starts with the mind first, the diet second, and exercise third. I've just got to keep trying, I guess. I gained a couple pounds the last time I weighed myself which was pretty discouraging. I'm hoping it was mostly water weight because I drank a ton of water that day. Bleh. I'm keeping track of my inches, too, in case I start to hit a plateau. Kait is a great motivator at the gym so I'm grateful for her.

Overall I'm feeling pretty upbeat even though I've had some setbacks. I just need to stay focused on my health this month even though things are crazy. We've had a hard couple of weeks with our car (over $1,200 in fixes this month!) and our house (we lost the first one and are having problems with the second one). That plus Matt being in school and working super hard and dark days means a crummy few weeks. Going to the gym makes me feel good, though, so I'll just keep doing that. Gotta stay positive!

In other (good) news...I sold three quilts and am in the middle of making 3 more. I learned how to sew minky so I might be going in that direction.

Bottom line: Had a few setbacks but I'm determined to crush it this week.

UPDATE: After writing this I went to the gym with Kait. I was determined to run 3 miles but I just couldn't do it. We did, however, do a crazy 20-minutes full body workout with my Sworkit Lite app that just destroyed us. It felt so good and I came home on a high! Exercise really is therapy, and for me it's literally medicine.

I also found out that I lost 4.5 lbs since I last weighed in!!!! Mind you, I gained 2 last week so I really just lost 2.5 overall in about a week. I have no idea how that happened. But still, I'll take any victory I can get.

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