Sunday, November 2, 2014

Obsessions and the Cancel-Out Rule

I'm well aware by now that I get obsessed with things and then drop them like they're hot. It's who I am. I've come to accept it.

My biggest fear is that I will drop this exercise thing in a few weeks and reverse all my good progress...the running strength, the weight loss, the counting calories. (After all, it's happened a few times. Remember the weight roller coaster?)

Half consciously, half sub-consciously, I decided that I needed to tack on another obsession to my working out. I figured if I could toggle the two then maybe I'd trick myself into keeping at both of them? That's how it works, right? They cancel each other out? I'm in the middle of it right now, so I can't confidently say that it's working for sure. But it's week 6 and I'm still at it, so let's call this a success in progress.

I've started an Etsy shop. To sell baby quilts.

I fully realize the irony that my babymaker's broken and spending most of my free time sewing baby quilts. But for some reason it's really cathartic to make something that someone else's kid can use. If I can't be creative for my own baby, at least I get to be creative for some baby. And it makes me happy.

I'm slowly building up my products so the shop is kind of sad right now. If you have kids, I would love to hear what you would buy. I'm kind of winging this, and open to product suggestions.

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