Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Week 6 (Day 38) - A Milestone and My Goal Weight

Happy Wednesday, guys!

I am feeling great today because I ran THREE miles yesterday, with more running and less walking than ever before. It felt so awesome. A few more times of running the 3 miles and I'll feel super ready to do the Thanksgiving 5K on the beach in California. I also did some Pilates on this app called Sworkit Lite. I try to do one of the workouts on that app every time I go to the gym, and they always make me sweat so good.

I also lost 1.2 lbs last week, making my overall weight loss so far 5.8 lbs. Not bad for 6 weeks, especially since last week I only lost .2 lbs. (Plus last week was so bad when it came to motivation and candy.) I can't wait to get to my first goal weight of many, which is 12 lbs. Halfway there! Once I hit that goal weight I'll increase it by another 10 lbs until I've hopefully lost 50-70 lbs. 50's a medium goal and 70 is my big, crazy, nutso goal.

70 lbs seems so far away. The last time I was 70 lbs lighter than my starting weight was in high school. Back then I thought I was fat. Looking back at pictures, I looked so great. So great. Why did I spend so much time thinking I was so big? What a waste of time.

The funny thing is that the person inside of me feels like I'm the 70-lbs-lighter me. I look in the mirror and don't recognize this person. My insides feel light but my outsides don't reflect that right now...which is why I'm changing!

Change is hard. I really had to look at my habits and admit that they were not healthy, which feels like failure. Me no likey failure. I also don't like being wrong. Just ask my family or my husband haha. I knew I needed to lose weight for a long time (over a year), but I couldn't start the weight loss process until I was ready. And part of being ready was getting real with my bad self by admitting that failure. It also helped that I admitted it to the entire internet. It's strangely liberating to share this with the entire internet.

UPDATE: I ran a whopping 6.5 miles on Wednesday! Some sort of fire lit in me and I just did it. That's over twice as many miles as I've ever run in one workout. I'm so proud of myself!

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