Monday, October 13, 2014

Week 3 Progress: Getting Lighter + A Bra Malfunction

Day 14 (Sunday) - We drove back from Idaho today. I ate McDonald's but I was still under my calorie count. I felt weird all day.

Day 15 (Monday) - I was excited to get back to routine and go to the gym today. For some reason, it's still hard to get myself to go even when I'm excited about it haha. Kait and I did treadmills + weights + stretching. I bought a new sports bra with a zip down the front (#bigboobieproblems) and it came all the way unzipped when I started running! I had to run  slowly walk to the bathroom to fix it. So I had to walk at the gym and then run later with the proper support. I ran Lola around the block. She loved it. I'm down another pound, making my weight loss at 3 pounds in 15 days. Woo!

I definitely ate Panda Express today, just in small portions. And I read somewhere that good gut flora is really important to lose weight, so I'm starting to eat yogurt even though I hate it. Matt says he can already tell a difference in the way I look, which is the best motivation. I want to look good for my husband!

Day 16 (Tuesday) - We had an AMAZING workout today! It was one of those ones where I wanted to go back to the treadmill and run another two miles.

Day 17 (Wednesday) - Worst workout ever. Isn't that funny? Right after the best workout ever. I had no motivation + zero energy. Tomorrow's gotta be a rest day. I feel like I'm spending all my time at the gym.

Day 18 (Thursday) - No gym today. Feels good to just come home and get stuff done. I got caught up on cleaning and posting our house's basement apartment online. Anyone know anyone who would be interested in a sweet apartment in December? Let me know!

We might try yoga tomorrow, since I used this Jillian Michaels yoga video to lose weight last time. You're not running, but man are you getting your sweat on. I dropped weight so fast with it. Now I just have to find it...maybe I threw it away in a cleaning binge, or one of our 4 moves in the last 2 years. Oops. thisiswhypeopleneverthrowanythingaway.

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Charity Z said...

You can buy probiotic supplements if you are not a yogurt girl. I'm not a yogurt fan either. Keep up the good work and exercise!

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