Sunday, October 5, 2014

Week 2 Progress -- FitBit + Conference = Ashamed

Day 7 (Sunday) - I'm finding that weekends make it easier to snack snack snack. I'm still figuring out my FitBit. No working out today obviously. Still counting calories even if those calories include cheezits, chocolate and starbursts today!! Definitely going to have to take the dogs on a walk...a long one.

Day 8 (Monday) - I slept with my FitBit last night and have been wearing it all day. I was surprised to wake up and see that I passively burn a few hundred calories while sleeping. I'm still trying to figure my FitBit out, but I synced it to MyFitnessPal so that's cool. My sister-in-law Kait got a gym pass so she's gonna start coming with me 3x a week! It'll be fun to have a gym partner. Ate salad for lunch and felt pretty full. I'm hoping my stomach shrinks a lot soon so I won't feel so hungry. 

Victory of the day: I put on freshly washed pants and they felt loose!!

In other news, I will start my 4th(5th?) round of Clomid after a month break in a few days. Last month I didn't call the doctor in time, so I had to skip a cycle. Maybe it was good because I've heard that it's good to take a break every few months.

Day 9 (Tuesday) - I went to the gym with Kait yesterday. Just having a buddy there made the workout fly by. I ran more than I would have alone, too. We did some cardio then weights in the girl's gym. So looking forward to more workouts. I also lost about a pound ( so now overall I'm down almost 2 pounds...)

Even though I had a great workout yesterday I'm feeling very tired. It's supposed to be a rest day, but I have to make my rest day tomorrow. Trying to find the energy to go by looking at Pinspitsperation...

Day 10 (Wednesday) - Today is a poopy day. I got home and just felt grumpy. I was going to go to the gym but all I wanted to do was eat my I did! It was actually quite cathartic to stop counting calories at 3pm and just know today was a waste day. I pouted, embroidered, and went to bed early.

Day 11 (Thursday) - I am SO hungry today! I haven't even eaten dinner yet and I'm almost up on my calories. I even went to the gym with Kait and ran a few miles. I guess some days I'll have to be okay with just burning as many calories as I eat, not eating 500 calories less (which is what I aim for every day). It didn't help that we had free Italian lunch at work today. I do feel good about my workout, though. I even ran with the dogs a bit when I got home. Going to help Maureen sew her quilt now. 

Days 12 and 13 (Friday and Saturday) - We drove up to Idaho to attend Frecker's wedding. I prepared myself to not hit my goal this weekend because of the road trip + eating out, but I only went ate 100 calories more than I burned on Saturday, which isn't bad. 

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K La said...

I've been working on "being healthier" (I can't say losing weight because my focus cannot be on weight, it must be on health, and energy, and feeling good. If I focus on weight I get obsessed and hate myself) since May. Yesterday was my worst day ever. Weekends are hard anyway but for conference all you do is sit and snack! And because of all the crap I ate I now have a cold. Ah well, I can overcome one bad weekend and so can you!

Rebecca and Cody said...

Yay Kellie! I don't think people understand how hard it is to lose weight with PCOS, so every pound lost has so much effort behind it! You can do this!

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