Saturday, March 9, 2013

An Education

I'm learning, thinking, processing and translating so much information about art education and museum education at NAEA that my brain feels like it might explode. It's daunting and exciting and makes me want to run the world, but also maybe just curl up in bed for five days. 

Tonight at dinner my colleagues and I somehow got on topics like women in the Church, the nature of God, immigration, how lucky we are to eat food, and how rare is to be an educated woman in America at this time in history of the world. A lot of opinions were stated, but received with an attitude of open-mindedness and a desire to discuss. Maybe it's because I elect to spend a lot of time alone, but I found myself really loving this rare occasion to have an engaging conversation with smart women who have opinions. 

Oh how wonderful it is to learn.
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Krisanne said...

Kellie--I loved that conversation, too! It was so nice to get to know you better this week. You are such a gem.

Kellie said...

Krisanne, let's be online blog-writing BFFs.

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