Friday, March 8, 2013

Friday Favorites

Happy Friday, y'all! We are just getting all kind of inspired over here in Texas! Above is a picture of the cattle drive we went to down at the Stockyards. We planned all these exciting "authentic" Texan things to do while we're here. Turns out this one was not as exciting as we hoped. It was literally 20 cows walking down a street for maybe 15 seconds, and the show was over. Hopefully the rodeo on Saturday will redeem my Texas dream. Here are the links!

DIY constellation scarf

Speaking of scarves...

this color combination

I wonder if I could make this chandelier myself...

What do you think of this tornado body dryer? I kind of like the idea...but it's so ugly. Maybe if space could figure out to make a built-in one that comes out of the wall when you need it.

There's a reason these Disney films cut some songs from the story.

When we went to the Dallas Museum of Art, we found out about this fun new program that gets visitors engaged. It worked! If you live near Dallas, do it. Do it now.

American men could use this advice.

This restaurant may make me have a heart attack. Matt would love it.

Or even better (worse?)... a whole hotel.


Look at this kid's party! Where was this when I was five?
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