Sunday, September 20, 2015


I think it's safe to say that I am having a RUFF time right now. But I felt a lot of peace when we went to church this week.

It felt like many of the things said at church were tailored just for me (doesn't it always feel like that when you need it?). A sacrament speaker talked about their family's infertility, and how the temple brought peace and healing to their souls. And in sunday school, we learned about hope. How hope is our trust that good things will come our way in the future.

Even in the middle of this weird time, where things feel dark and I feel alone, I still feel hope. I know that my life will not be like this forever, or even for that long. I have faith that something great will come out of this experience. And I feel comfort knowing that Jesus suffered through everything and knows how to succor us. And God never lets me down. He always shows up. That is a fact.

Oh how comforting the Gospel of Jesus Christ is.

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