Friday, March 6, 2015

Week 22, Day 158 - Moving Forward

I'm getting back in my groove this week. I have been a little too tired to run a lot, but I took the dogs out on walks and vowed to walk a few miles each time. It counts. It totally counts.

Kait and I went to the gym once and it was glorious. We ran, we went to the lady gym, and we tried the bike. I didn't think I'd like the bike, but I hopped on it and got into this weird trance. Before I knew it, 20 minutes was gone. It really felt like meditating. Gotta try that bike again before we leave for Alaska. Loved it.

I saw a guy who used to be on my team at work today. I don't see him fact I don't think I've seen him since the end of October. Anyway, today he told me that I looked great! It was awesome to see someone who doesn't see me daily and have them validate that my work is paying off. Of course, the journey isn't all about "looking great". It's about being healthy, feeling pretty, and getting pregnant. But I'll take a compliment when it comes!

I accepted a job at Spirit of Alaska tours in Ketchikan today! I'll be a Tour Coordinator, which basically means I'll be standing out on the docks and directing tourists from the big cruise ships to one of four tours. I'll get to walk a few miles a day just at work, which will help me lose more weight. The manager I interviewed with seemed really, really awesome, and we already feel like friends. Plus, she said I can work part-time and add or subtract hours whenever I need to. I told her about my baby weight-loss plan and she was super supportive.

The job pays a lot less than I make fact I'll be making about half as much as I do now since I'll be part-time. But I have to keep telling myself that this move is about following our respective dreams (to become a fishing guide for Matt, and to become a mother for me). So any job that allows me to work towards being a mother sounds good to me. Plus, she made the job sound hard but fun and rewarding. Like our move to Alaska, I feel strangely at peace about it. So I'm doin' it! The good news is that Matt's increase in income should cover any shortcomings in mine. He'll be working 60 hours a week, but he'll be doing what he loves so we're excited.

In other news, the free Coke at work is trouble. I have had some every day this week (that's every day we've been in this building with said Coke). I'm trying to portion control it so I only have a cup, or a half a cup and not, like...7. That is all.
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K La said...

That's great! Congrats on your new job! Sounds like it will be a fun 5 months!

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