Saturday, March 7, 2015

Week 22, Day 159 - Photo and Shop Updates

I feel strong today. I took Lola on a run around our neighborhood, but I went down to places I'd never explored before. I ran all the way out to where the neighborhoods turn into fields and farms and even passed a Baptist church (a rare sight in Utah). The sun was shining and it was the perfect temperature to run. I wasn't scared because I was running in pure daylight...usually I run at night when it's cold and getting dark or already dark. It was a glorious 2.5 mile run. I loved it so much...makes me want to go on another run.

Can't wait to get up to Alaska so I can run during the day all the time. 

In other news, I added different items to my shop! In addition to baby blankets, minkys, and burp cloths, I now have wooden teething rings and teething blankets. So fun! 

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