Thursday, February 26, 2015

Week 21, Day 150 - Plateau

It's been two weeks since I last posted! I'm feeling better so I started slowly working out again...but since I couldn't really do my full-blown-let's-get-crazy-3-to-5-times-a-week workout schedule, I def plateau'd mentally and physically. Like...hardcore. It feels like an uphill battle through mud to get my motivation back.

The good news is that I only gained like 1/2 a lb from a scary Goldfish cracker binge when we went to the cabin over Valentine's Day. (Seriously, I avoid buying Goldfish because I can eat literally half of a huge box in one sitting, and they are a TON of calories. But when someone else brought them and they were just there all weekend, it was bad news bears.) I'm pretty sure that 1/2 lb was PURE GOLFISH. Dang it, now I want some...So I lost that 1/2 lb and kinda stayed at 24 lbs lost for a while just by keeping track of my calories in vs. calories out.

I also gained about 1.5 lbs back after my stomach flu incident. 4 lbs out, 1.5 back in. I kinda knew some of it would come back but I was hoping it wasn't so! Oh well. I guess that's kind of an unhealthy way to look at a stomach bug. Gotta work on that.

But this week I have been walking more with Kait and I even ran at the gym once! My long-term goal is to simply not give up on this weight loss thing, so even when I wasn't working out, I was thinking about working out haha. And it worked because I'm trying reaaaaaally hard to get back into my 3-days-a-week routine. I have to...I just have to.

Half of the battle with getting back into 3-a-weeks is the mental game. I feel like I was so mentally into this journey before 2015 hit. Now I'm just not feeling it, so I'm working hard to get that lovin' feelin' back. I've got to got to get my head in the game, as High School Musical professes.

Side note: I have gotten super into my Etsy shop and am a baby blanket-making machine! I'm hoping to eventually turn it into a profitable side business, but I'm trying to balance that obsession with this waning one. I can't give up! No matter what.

Please hold me accountable to this journey! I need support to stay motivated!
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Rebecca and Cody said...

Goldfish are yummy. And you can't just eat like 3. Impossible. Anyways, keep going! That was my great motivational speech. I find that my cycles can affect my mood (drastically) because of the PCOS. Does that happen to you? Cause for me when I am in that funk, I just tell myself I will feel better soon, this is just the PCOS crying/anxious/no motivation and it will pass. Just do the best you can until it does. If that doesn't apply to you (the mood issues) then...keep going, you can do it!... :)

Kellie said...

I never felt fazed by my cycle at all until I started losing weight, actually. Maybe I just felt constantly crappy, so my period didn't really feel any crappier. But now that I'm regular (TMI? It's such a feat to be regular that I feel like I can brag about it hahaha) I feel the grumpiness and the super intense cravings come in like a LION, Becca. A lion.

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