Tuesday, February 17, 2015

I'm Etsy Illiterate...Help Me!

Does anybody have any tips on how to make an Etsy shop successful? I started selling my baby blankets a few months ago and took a little break for the holidays and to move. My shop went inactive for a few months and now I need to get back into it! Here's what I know:

- I need to make more quilts so there is more variety. That will just take time.
- I need better pictures, but I don't have a nice camera or cute props. Could I just make a white backdrop with a sheet and make it work?

I don't know much about pricing, making the shop feel more "lively", and basically everything else!

I'm hoping I can turn this into a profitable side business. Making quilts is really fun for me, but I need to make money to be able to justify it.


Please comment with any tips you have that can help a sister out.

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Charity Z said...

I would decide a specific "brand" you are going for- what sets you apart from the competition? Are you going to be the shop that sells personalized baby blankets- personalized with the baby's name so it is a keepsake? Are you going to be the one making awesome pop-culture baby quilts-spiderman theme, minnie mouse theme, etc? Are you going to be the one selling vintage -looking quilts? Why would someone choose your product over Target or the other Etsy stores out there? If you want specific help with Etsy I can hook you up with my friend who has several very profitable Etsy businesses and she might be willing to give you tips on how to maintain your page so it shows up higher in the search rankings.

K La said...

As for pictures: Lots of light and a a white sheet for background makes any picture look like it was taken by a nice camera. Lots of natural light it the real trick. Take the picture in your brightest room in mid-afternoon. Good luck with your store, that's awesome!

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