Friday, February 6, 2015

Week 19, Day 130 - Recent Photo, Plus a Shout Out!

Oh hey, doge! 

I don't have anything super new to say, but I thought I'd post a recent picture. Like I said a couple posts ago, I'm pretty sure I gained a couple pounds this week. So I'm not posting the "lbs down" because it doesn't really count! Haha! Hopefully some of that is water weight from salt + no exercise, so I'm not counting it. I'm the boss! It doesn't count, dang it! 

I still have like a billion days left of antibiotics, and I feel like I really need to rest until my neck is 100% better. In the meantime, I am doing awesome things with my diet like eating frozen berries and chips for dinner. Cool. 

Eh, whatever.

The real news is that tomorrow is Matt's birthday! He's turning the big 2-4. What a man. 

He hates public displays of affection, and I'm positive that includes mushy posts about how much I love him (...because we've had at-length discussions about FB lovey-doveyness). But I just have to say that he is the BEST. The absolute best. And it doesn't count because this isn't FB, right?

As I've grown into my role of being a wife (aka not being crazy and learning how to support his dreams and sometimes doing his laundry) he has so fully grown into his role of being a husband. He treats me so well and puts up with me and takes me on grand adventures and even sometimes tells me when I need to CTFD. 24 years of life and 3 years of marriage has done him good :) 

Happy Birthday, Babe! 

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