Friday, January 9, 2015

Week 15, Day 103 - Negative 100 Motivation

Since I last blogged I have been super sick. We've also been staying at Matt's parents' house because we're having problems closing on our house. We were supposed to move in on like Monday and it still hasn't happened. These two things are the catalyst for the bleh feeling I've had for over a week. I haven't worked out once since I got home. I've walked the dogs maybe twice. I've been counting calories but have gone over my calories expended multiple days.

Luckily I'm over my sinus infection and just have a little cough left. But being out of my routine and staying at someone else's house gives me zero motivation to get back into working out.

(The one really good thing about this whole house situation is that we have people who are willing to let us stay with them for multiple weeks. I'm so grateful for Matt's family for taking us in. And for my family for housing us for a week for the holidays! I'm not typically one to ask for help, like...ever. But it's nice that we have family that can help us out when we need it.)

What do you do when you have no motivation? Like how can I muster up the fire I had before the holidays? I was doing so well for so many weeks. I don't want to give up! I want to keep going and lose even more weight. I've lost 13 lbs so far (as of Christmas...haven't weighed myself since then so it could be back down to 5 for all I know). 13 is not enough! It needs to be like...30. Or 50!

I'm trying to go easy on myself because I was sick and I'm out of my routine, but I feel like I did that and that's how I lost my motivation. I need help!

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Melissa Wright said...

make yourself go to the gym/do a workout video and say you only need to do 10 minutes. You'll likely do more, but especially coming off of being sick it doesn't matter if you don't. And it'll get you back in the door of the gym. Hopefully the good ha it's you've created will fall back into place?

Melissa Wright said...

Habits* not ha.

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