Monday, December 22, 2014

Week 13, Day 85 - Holidays

Wow. Last week suuuucked. We spent all our free time moving and there's been a bit of a fiasco regarding our deposit, which still isn't resolved. Oh and we don't officially have the house yet so we're in limbo. Luckily some very generous people got us a hotel for two days and we're in California for a week. Trying to stay positive and not fret because I have no power to change anything anyway. I'm really grateful that we've had places to stay.

I'm proud that I still took the dogs on walks and ate fairly healthy through it all. Now that I'm in California I made it a mission to just be a workout BEAST!!!!¡!!!-$$7"+#-%-#+'-'@(@!!!!!

Normally when I come home I eat a ton of food, feel sick, eat more, sleep then eat some more. I'm making myself count calories like crazy. I'm also eating whatever I want but in smaller portions. There are cookies and breads at every turn! I feel like I'm in a Biggest Loser temptation haha.

Today I took my dogs on a run with my 5-year-old nephew. He kept up! It was awesome. He also did my sworkit with me and kept up with that. Yesterday I walked the dogs around all my old stomping grounds and it was very peaceful. And before our road trip on Saturday I ran them a few miles so they'd be tired. I may start doing that before every road trip because it feels amazing. Plus it counteracts our Vegas Chipotle tradition haha. Did you know that a chicken burrito has 900 calories?! I'd almost rather live in ignorant bliss about that fact but I have no choice now. I'm in too deep!

I weighed myself today on my mom's scale and have hit my weight goal for this week. I'm hoping the scale is about as accurate as the one at the gym. I'll have to cross-check when I get back to Utah.

Overall I'm just trying to not reverse all the progress I've made while I'm on vacation. I hope I lose, but my real goal is to just not gain any weight back. Whoah, dream big.

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