Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Week 8, Day 52 - Another ultrasound

Quick update so I can look back and remember this. I have the worst memory, which is actually a symptom of PCOS, too. Crazy how it all connects.


I went in for my second ultrasound today. The doctor does them a day apart to check how my follicles mature. I got good news on Monday, and I was expecting good news today. After waiting for a very frustrating hour, half of that spent prepped in a waiting room the doctor came in for like 3 minutes to talk with me and do the ultrasound. I have to take a long lunch to do these ultrasounds and I don't have all day so that part of these appointments is very frustrating for me. I hate waiting around, especially when there's a time limit.

But... I got good news! The follicle grew a lot and the doctor said there's a 95% chance that I'll ovulate tomorrow. My lining is also really good right now, too. Like, better than average. Do I get some sort of prize for that? "Hey, your babymaker's broken but... your lining is good... so here's a gold star."

Anyway, things are looking good and we've finally found medication that works. So far I've lost about 3% of my starting weight so I'm sure that helped, too.


Kait couldn't go to the gym today so I almost didn't go, either. But I had such a frustrating and lame day that I knew I had to go. I can't let the SAD settle in. I ran the dogs around the park first and got a bit of asthma so I came home after about a mile. Ran at the gym for a mile and I felt like I was flying! I know a 13:12 mile isn't great, but it's better than my starting time of around 16:30. I did a quick core workout and I felt the burn so good. I've got to start doing more high intensity stuff like this so I don't feel like I spend my entire evening at the gym.

PS Gold's Gym is now mysteriously rebranded as Vasa? I got a new card today when I checked in and there's a lot more wood flooring around. What is that all about? Whatever...loving it.

PPS Food for thought.
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