Friday, November 21, 2014

Friday Favorites

It has been a minute since the last Friday Favorites. I am wholeheartedly celebrating the upcoming weekend in my brain as I sit here at work on my lunch break.

What have you done this week? I've been to the gym 3x, gone to the doctor twice, eaten the most glorious salad I've ever had from Guru's, mentally planned out decorations for our new house, and dreamed of vacation somewhere warm. Let's get this weekend started early with some favorites.

Faith in humanity restored.

A stunning Christmas printable (Yup, I'm already at Christmas).

My new manifesto thanks to Maya Angelou (#10).

I am making these for my entire office. I'm crazy.

Once we move into our new house (fingers crossed!) I'm getting one of these.

The most heart-warming, real, and hilarious tribute to a man I've never met.

Make your own DIY dollhouse. So cute!

#5 is calling out to me.

My next project (after the 4 projects I'm working on right now).
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