Saturday, November 22, 2014

How Do You Diet?

I've never been a big fan of diets. I just know that my personality is very "all or nothing" so the second I slip up on a diet, it's over.

Because of this, I've had to come up with my own version of diet to lose this weight. My basic goal? Always eat at least 500 calories less than I burn each day. Right now the calories are a mix of healthy foods and indulgences. I eat pizza sometimes. I'll get a Coke once a week. I eat chocolate when my body can think of nothing else. I just have to skip a snack or modify my portions to make it happen. If I don't have time to cook, I'll choose healthier "fast food" options like Jamba Juice or a salad from Guru's.

Counting calories has become almost religious. I never eat anything until I log it in MyFitnessPal. On gym days I always eat a small snack after work, go to the gym, and then gage how many calories I can eat at dinner after I've worked out. The harder I work out at the gym, the more I can eat at dinner. Immediate reward, my friends. I mostly stay in a good calorie range because of portion control, not super healthy foods.

Once I have the counting calories and working out grooved into my body, I'll start trying to eat healthier and not just less. I've got to work up to it. My next goal is to start drinking healthy green smoothies for breakfast a few times a week, since I am sorely lacking in nutrients from vegetables and sometimes fruits.

What does your current "diet" look like? I am kind of making this up as I go and I'm really interested to hear what other people do. What works for you and what has utterly failed?

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K La said...

Since I seem to be a complete failure at calorie counting, I made my diet look like this:

Healthy foods only. No limitations on amounts.

That's my diet. Whole grains, vegetables, fruits, beans, lentils, honey. No white flour, no sugar, no dairy, and nothing processed, meaning no "natural flavors" dyes, HFCS, or preservatives.

I cheat one time a week. Usually with chocolate. :) But it works for me.

I need to be better at working out, though, you are such an inspiration to me!

Kellie said...

Kayla! Thanks for the encouragement. Kait and I plan to work out while we're down in CA. You're invited! We'll probably just go running then do that Sworkit circuit training app. It's really fun.

You sound amazing on your diet. I still can't get past processed foods. The green smoothies in the morning are a good start. Maybe you can share some of your recipes with me? Please? That'd be awesome.

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