Monday, December 1, 2014

Week 10, Day 64 - Thanksgiving Vacation

We went to California for a long weekend over Thanksgiving break. It was such a nice vacation! I knew that being on vacation and out of my routine would be hard diet-wise, but I'm glad I got 3 workouts in while I was gone! I counted calories for the first three days, including Thanksgiving. However, Friday-Sunday were so full of food that I gave up counting calories. (If the food is there, I'm gonna eat it. Gotta work on that). Before that, counted for over 55 days straight. I'm back to counting calories today since I'm back at work and the food isn't there to tempt me.

We ran our 5k on the beach on Thanksgiving! I felt pretty confident going in, but didn't realize how hard it would be to run in the sand. The beach was really sloped and soft so my calves seized up and I had a really hard time. But I finished! I just kept imagining Bob and Jillian from The Biggest Loser shouting motivational phrases at me in my head. The main one was, "Finishing is better than not starting". I couldn't run a mile 3 months ago, so "competing" in a 5k was big for me and I have to be proud of that. Now Kait and I want to run a 5k on the pavement so we can see how we do.

We went to the beach two other times while we were there, and I spent about 2 hours boogie boarding in the waves. It made my soul feel so happy. I love the ocean and it felt like a really good workout.

We took family pictures in California and I was nervous about how I'd look in them. Matt is much more in shape than I am that it makes me look even bigger in comparison. The pictures were beautiful, photography-wise, but I don't love looking at myself in them. I'm so much bigger than I feel like I look day-to-day. I hate it. Seeing that is just going to motivate me to keep going so the next time family pictures roll around, I can be proud of how I look.

Oh and my sister-in-law is a super healthy eater and gave me some tips. I'm going to start adding maca root to my smoothies. And she told me that eating leafy greens after a workout help your body's digestive system flush out the fat that just accumulated in it from the workout. So I'm going to try eating more leafy greens and vegetables in general. We're going to start a family FB group to post tips and motivational stuff on there, and I'm really excited about that. A good support system is so key in getting fit and I'm happy that I have one!
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