Saturday, September 27, 2014

An Announcement + The Start of Weight-Loss Journey

In the months since I've written, I/we have:

- gotten a promotion!
- brought a second dog to our home
- started looking for a house to buy
- gone to Las Vegas, Lake Powell & Colorado
- watched SO many episodes of Mad Men
- taken the dogs on hikes (so fun!)

There. Now you're caught up.

This is not a fun post for me to write, but I need a place to record something big that has been happening lately. I'm finally ready to talk about it.

A few months ago I was diagnosed with Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS). It's a very common fertility issue that causes cysts on your ovaries. People with PCOS have problems losing weight and a really easy time gaining it, insulin resistance, irregular periods, extra hair and often anxiety or depression. FUN!

Knowing this has helped me deal with our infertility. Before, I always wondered why my weight would fluctuate so much or why I wasn't having regular periods/getting pregnant. Now that I have an answer it feels like a huge weight lifted off my shoulders. Do you realize how emotionally draining it is to think you're pregnant every month, when in reality your body is just secretly messed up? I'm taking medication to treat the insulin resistance and the irregular periods. But the one thing that can really help us conceive is for me to lose weight (again).

It's really embarrassing to lose dozens of pounds only to put them on again plus more a few months later. In the past 8 years this has happened to me 3 or 4 times. Now I'm at the top of the roller coaster and I need to start losing weight again.

I'm going to use this blog to help track my progress and get motivation. Here's what I've been doing so far:

I've been going to the gym 3-5 times a week for the past few weeks and am going to sign up for the Cougar Run on October 18th. It's a 5K...anyone want to run it with me?? Please? Seriously...please?

The Hardins are also doing a 5K on the beach in California this Thanksgiving, so I'll need to train for that, too.

Matt and his friend did the 12-mile obstacle course called Tough Mudder a few weeks ago and that really motivated me to get in shape. Next year I want to be healthy enough to run it with them, not just watch.

And embarrassing as it is, I posted before pictures so I can have a sweet after picture in a few months! Any advice or encouragement you could give me would be awesome. The last time I lost about 30 pounds, it was because I was living with an amazing roommate who inspired me to work out often and eat healthy. I need help again and she lives on the other side of the country!

Thanks for reading this. It's time to take back the power! I'd also like to say that PCOS is a very common but largely undiagnosed health problem. If you know of anyone who has confided in you about fertility and weight issues, please pass the knowledge on. It made me feel 1,000 times better to get diagnosed.
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Anonymous said...

Good luck! This will be an awesome journey and I know you can do it. Hopefully you'll inspire me, too! I'm at the tippy top of my weight loss/gain roller coaster too. --Carmen Bailey

The TWIT said...

I think you're rad. You can do this.

Rebecca and Cody said...

Amen. Such a hard road! But worth it, right? (I question that at times...)

Heather said...

Proud of you for speaking up about this and for taking control of it rather than it controlling you!! Hang in there!!

Janey said...

I have a friend that was diagnosed with this. She just got pregnant with her a xond do if you need to talk to someone one let me know

Charity Z said...

Lots of love to you guys! We know how emotionally draining infertility is so my heart goes out to you.

K La said...

You are amazing! You can totally do this!

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