Friday, January 3, 2014

Bye Bye Bucket List 2013, Hello Bucket List 2014

Hey y'all. It's 2014! In 50 years we'll all be living on the moon.

It's always interesting to look back at your entire year when a new one begins. The past 6 months have been pretty hard for me, so I wasn't feeling so great about how 2013 went down. But looking to my sidebar of goals, I completed almost all of them! I even got a beach cruiser!

While I can be happy about the goals I set and achieved -- and all of the things I learned outside of the goals this year -- I think I can do better. Getting a dog, planning a party and growing a garden are all admirable goals. But does it ultimately make me a better person? Or just busier?

I am constantly striving to find the line between "being real" on this blog and "being positive". I don't think the two are mutually exclusive. Part of the reason I stopped writing on this blog for a few months was because my life suddenly had more trials and I didn't know how to talk about them on here. But I think it's good to show people that your life isn't perfect, and it doesn't wrap up in a little bow. 2013 may be over, but I am still dealing with things and looking forward to events I hoped for last year. So my goals this year are going to be a little more personal.

I'm grateful that this new year has given me a fresh start so I can do better next year! So in light of all those things, here are my goals for 2014:

1. Keep a gratitude journal using the Happier app. Write down at least one good thing daily. I tend to lean towards pessimistic thinking, so this will help be me cultivate gratitude and optimism. This ties in with another 2014 goal: think good thoughts.

2. Build up a 3-month savings. Matt and I had some financial issues this year, and we're learning how to budget our student-level income. I really feel like we could benefit from building up good savings. We've already gotten pretty good about managing our money, but now we need to add savings to that! One good thing we did in 2013 was finally get a joint checking account. That was a lifesaver.

3. Go on an East Coast road trip with Jeannette. This is a Christmas present. I'm looking forward to going on manageable and exhilarating trips that help me learn about the world. Experiences, not things!  We're planning on starting in Georgia and moving north until who knows where! The North Pole?

4. Read the Book of Mormon from cover to cover. It needs to happen, and it's also our ward goal.

5. Continue in the arts. I love art! I am considering going back to school so I can become a curator, but that might not happen this year. The art lessons are going great, so I'm hoping to expand that this year. Or maybe I'll get an internship at a local museum. Either way, I need to keep art in my life because it makes me feel awesome. I'm excited about this goal!

6. Explore fertility options. We have been trying to get pregnant for about 8 months now, which is fairly normal. I'm not too worried yet, but there are things I can do to move that along. I stayed silent about it for a long time because it's a very personal issue. But after talking to a couple of people, it seems like getting support and advice from others helps me. Any advice about this would be greatly appreciated, since being a mother is a lifelong dream for me.

7. Exist. Hey, every bucket list needs a goal that is for sure going to happen. 1 for 7 already! Booyah!

I would love to hear what your goals are for this year! Please share them with me.

By the way, would you like to know what I did in 2013?

Learned the art of sleeping well
Went to the Bahamas
Moved 3 times
Learned how to love my husband better
Moved into a duplex with good friends
Took the leap and got a new job! Matt started working with me a few months later.
Started my own private art lesson business
Got a credit card
Helped my in-laws restore their 100-year-old house
Witnessed 2 siblings get married
Welcomed in multiple nieces and nephews
Supported Matt in his dream of starting a fishing business
Forgot that I love to work out! That's gonna have to change this year
Curated a children's art show at the Springville Museum of Art
Taught summer art classes there, too
Went to Texas for an art conference
Helped raise money for the Philippines with Matt and his mission friends
Reminded myself that it's ok to fail at things
Learned how to make boba, eggrolls, and freezer meals
Started thinking about starting a family
Had my first Christmas with Matt's family
Found out that I might be one of "those" dog people
Learned how to trust in God more

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K La said...

Way to go meeting your 2013 goals! I love your new goals. Tell me more about this happier app. I am intrigued.

I am very impressed about your last goal: explore fertility issues. It is a super personal issue, but through my learned struggles I learned that it is not uncommon. In fact, from my experience, it is more uncommon to NOT struggle with fertility. I'm no expert, but I can tell you what worked for us (after 3 years of trying).

Happy new year!

Krisanne said...

Whoa 2013! You are amazing!

Janey said...

Good luck! Ill send fertility prayers your way. I know it can be frustrating. We found out we were pregnant 14 months after stopping birth control. I have a friend who just got pregnant 3 years of trying and she said it helped her a lot to talk about it. Hang in there.

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