Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Airbnb Wanderlust: A Private Island

Airbnb Wanderlust is a series of posts dedicated to real homes rented out to tourists by real people across the globe, found on airbnb.com by yours truly. Most places will be under or around $100 a night. That way, if you actually want to go there, you could hypothetically save up enough money in the near future to do so. Let the adventure begin! 

Yeah...a private island. In Sri Lanka. For $120 a night. Although the house itself leaves something to be desired, I think you could overlook it, seeing as you would literally have an island to yourself. Did I mention that there's an infinity swimming pool, open verandas and so much room for activities? Here's what the owners have to say: 

"This is one of the few islands on Bolgoda Lake, all of which have been shrouded in mystery. It was home to one of Geoffrey Bawa's associates, ground-breaking Danish Architect Ulrik Plesner in the 1960's. Plesner's desk in one of the upstairs bedrooms overlooked the lake, giving him creative inspiration and solitude. 
For over 50 years Santa Lucia, the Island on Bolgoda, has been a family-owned island. The family have recently renovated the house and opened it up for others to share this unique experience.
The Island on Bolgoda offers a house with 3 bedrooms each with en-suite bathrooms, large airy open verandas and lounging and dining areas; facilities for cooking, electricity and running water for bathing; a beautiful shady lawn with infinity swimming pool."

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