Monday, June 24, 2013

Airbnb Wanderlust: Marrakech

Airbnb Wanderlust is a series of posts dedicated to real homes rented out to tourists by real people across the globe, found on by yours truly. Most places will be under or around $100 a night. That way, if you actually want to go there, you could hypothetically save up enough money in the near future to do so. Let the adventure begin! 

This Moroccan villa houses 12 people. I'm loving the crisp white against those bright colors. Although it's decorated in a traditional style, this house was remodeled in 2009, and even has a swimming pool. And look at that courtyard! For only $81/night, how could you pass this up? That's it, who's down to go to Marrakech with me?

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1 comment:

Rebecca and Cody said...

Sign me up!!! I have always wanted to go to Morocco!! I want to go to Spain, then take a ferry down to Morocco. I had that as a plan when I lived in England, but it never worked out. So, I am on board!

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