Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Airbnb Wanderlust: Spain

Airbnb Wanderlust is a series of posts dedicated to real homes rented out to tourists by real people across the globe, found on by yours truly. Most places will be under or around $100 a night. That way, if you actually want to go there, you could hypothetically save up enough money in the near future to do so. Let the adventure begin! 

Can you tell that I just really need to be by a body of water? It's all I think about these days. A stay in this festive Spanish house would make me so happy. And it's only $68 a night! With that outdoor kitchen, a pool, a surrounding garden and the beach nearby, I don't think I would even have to go inside. The host says it's "a truly hidden treasure and the best way to escape from the busy summer while close to the beach and entertainments spots." See guys...entertainments. Shut up and take my money! 

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