Monday, April 1, 2013

House Crush: New Texas Farmhouse

I may be a little masochistic, because I keep finding house inspiration, but we for sure won't own our own house anytime soon. I can't help it. I found this Texas farmhouse on Houzz and fell in love with it. My favorite thing about this house is that it feels personal and homey, but still modern. The architect built it brand new, but used tricks to make it look like an old farmhouse that had been remodeled. I even kind of like that there is no landscaping outside. It's not as pretty, but it looks like real life. 

Look at that wrap-around porch! And the dinner table is outside...I want to go to there.

Wood floors, patterns + those white chairs

The front door opens up to the kitchen so farm-fresh produce can be taken straight to the sink to wash.

That tub + simple white walls

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e.a.s. said...

Idk, Kellie...a front door that opens onto a kitchen? The architect is obviously male...

Kellie said...

Haha yeah girl! I think this was made for an older retired couple who just farmed all. the. time. So it made sense for them.

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