Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Joe T Garcia's

When we were in Ft. Worth, we ate out every lunch and dinner. We found a lot of good places, but the most memorable for me was Joe T. Garcia's. 

If you're ever in Ft. Worth, go there.

It's a five minute walk from the Stockyards, and when we got to the building, it took us another five minutes just to find the entrance. The parts of the building facing the street don't have doors. You have to walk away from the roads and into a parking lot, maybe mildly fear for your life for 6 seconds, then stumble upon wooden arched doors in a beautiful stone wall. Bam, an oasis across the street from a loan place and an abandoned theater. We walked into this courtyard with columns, plants and a beautiful fountain. My favorite part was that the menu only consisted of two dishes (enchiladas and fajitas), and we all shared them family style. If you go, make sure to bring cash because they don't split the bill, and they don't take cards.

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