Friday, March 29, 2013

Friday Favorites

What a week! I have been kind of stressed out lately, trying to make some big, adult life decisions. We have decided to move...again. I love our current apartment, but we need to save up money to do awesome things like take that cruise in August. Adulthood. The good news is that we will be living next door to Matt's brother and his awesome family. I'll be able to cuddle babies basically all the time now! And if we save enough money, we will go down to Costa Rica to visit them while they're living there this summer. So, I'm trying to think positive. It's all about the upside. BTW, look how big that moon is! Links...

Every time I see a daschund I freak out a little.

A scientific reason for that delicious old book smell.

15 ways to reduce anxiety.

This game might have to happen at the next family party. I've only heard good things about it.

Homemade tootsie rolls.

One trick to become more interesting.

Does anyone remember these?

Did you know that I know American Sign Language? I'm bad at learning languages, but ASL came pretty easily to me. I sat next to a deaf woman at a conference last month, and was too shy to talk to her. But I watched the translator for the full hour and understood almost everything she was saying, even after four years. Here are 100 basic words in ASL.

A recipe for any color you could think of for DIY cupcake frosting.

Printable anchor wrapping paper.

50 perfectly timed photos.

A great confidence booster.

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