Friday, February 8, 2013

Friday Friday

Fridays are blessings from Heaven. I feel bad for Mondays, though. They can't help that they're right after the weekend. Anywhey.........

Last night I made Matt his favorite dinner (steak + onions, bread, asparagus, cream soda + pecan pie) and we ate it on the couch while watching Comedy Thursday. Dream. Come. True.

And I finally got to tell him about his birthday gift! I bought him and his friend Travis tickets to an MMA semi-finals fight in SLC. He's uhb-sessed with MMA and always talks about how he would be a fighter if he had the body and how he wants to go see the MGM ring in Las Vegas someday. Maybe next year. We have to have something to work up to! I have like 70 more years of presents to go. I can't blow it up on year one!

My family's birthday tradition is to celebrate each birthday for literally an entire week. My mom gets cray about birthdays and always makes us feel awesome for a whole week. So we're going pretty hard this weekend on the celebrations.

Hope you have a great weekend!

Here's the love:

10 great things about being single on Valentine's Day.

Please, can I have #2 + #9?

It's only been like...3 days, and I'm already having 30 Rock withdrawals. Here's 30 things you didn't know about Tina Fey to cheer us up.

This website makes me want to buy all the things. I would definitely get clambake and mango bango.

What a marvelous ring.

And this dress to go with it.

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