Saturday, February 9, 2013

The Wish

Most of you know that I am a traveling art teacher. Yesterday we went to an elementary school in Clearfield. I called a first grade student by name because I saw his name card on his desk. The girl next to him exclaimed, "How did you know that?!" She was so impressed. I whispered back, "Because I'm magic..." There may have been some eyebrows and magic hands. The kid sitting next to me overheard this and immediately asked in a little sweet awe-struck voice, "Can I have a wish?"

He was so sincere. His eyes were big with wonder and anticipation at my answer. I couldn't let him down. I didn't have the heart. So I got down on his level as said, "We'll, it depends on what you wish for."

"I want to own a plane when I grow up."

He said his answer so sweetly and confidently that I knew he has probably wanted to be a pilot since he could flap his arms and run around like an airplane.

So I granted his wish. I had no choice.

I figured that by the time he's old enough for the wish to come true, he'll have the maturity to realize that wishes don't come true just by wishing them to a magic genie stranger.

And now I feel awesome.

If I could wish one wish, it would be for some pajameralls. They're the gift that keeps on giving.
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