Thursday, February 7, 2013

Happy Birthday, Matthew!

These are the first two pictures ever taken of us together, at Jacob Lake, before we even started dating. Notice he said something to make me really mad in the first picture, and then I couldn't stay mad. That's basically how it goes, and he loves it. I think this day we had decided to both wear read and be fake prom dates on our day off together. 

I can't tell you my first impression of Matthew, because I don't really remember the first time I ever met him. We were working summer jobs at an inn on the Grand Canyon, and honestly, I was too busy doing my thing to notice him. What I can tell you is, once he had my attention, he kept it. And the rest is history.

In May, we will have know each other for five years. May is also our first wedding anniversary. Best five years of my life. Matt turns 22 today! In honor of his birthday, here's a list of 10 things that make him awesome:

- The neoprene fishing pants he wears as pajamas

- He wrote me letters once a week, every week, his entire mission. He also wore the ring I bought him in Italy every day of his mission, then turned it into his wedding ring when we got married.

- He sold his xbox (or something) to buy me a present once

- Whenever he doesn't want to do something around the house, he says, "Babe, that's my worst job" and gives me the saddest face. And then I do it for him. I can't argue with that face.

- He loves to plan adventures and take me with him

- He is great at bringing people together

- One time he hired his siblings to cook dinner and serve us in his candlelit living room all fancy-like

- He is passionate about a lot of things (fishing, music, his career, his family, cooking)

- He works really hard, then plays hard

- I am excited to live this life with him

In Mexico on our honeymoon, May 2012

In the Philippines on his mission, 2011

Fishing, 2012
He specifically said he doesn't want a big to-do for his birthday, but I'm pretty excited about the gift I got him. Come back tomorrow and I'll let you know what it is!

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