Monday, February 4, 2013

Be A Party

Have you seen Kid President yet? What am I saying? Of course you have! Remember how I'm always the last one on the boat when anything cool happens? I don't know why I'm like that...but I've seen KP's videos get re-posted a kajillion times and never clicked on them until my co-worker sent me a link this weekend. 

He's basically just a kid in a suit who dances around and gives pep talks to adults, because adults are boring. He's awesome.

My favorite advice from him so far?

This may or may not be my new motto for the week. So happy Monday, you beautiful people! Go out there and be a party! 

PS: My two favorite videos to date.

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1 comment:

Naazju said...

I haven't even seen a screen cap or heard anyone mention him before. So, I'm last this time! :D

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