Monday, February 11, 2013

2013 Bucket List: Green Smoothie Freezer Bags

This post is a part of the 2013 Bucket List series, in which I tell the whole world my goals so I have to complete them. You can read the original post here. Here is an update on one of my 2013 goals:

Try out meal-planning


I've heard so much about the benefits green smoothies that I wanted to try them myself. I've seen so many recipes, but I was lazy, so I just threw bags together of things I had at home. The basic recipe is fruit + spinach. I made four bags in advance so I wouldn't have to find the ingredients in the morning. Each morning I just threw the contents of the bag into the blender and blended until smooth. 

I have to admit that this didn't work quite like I planned it. I put way too many things in the bag, so the smoothies were huge. I also didn't test out the recipe to see if I'd like the taste...turned out I didn't. I couldn't get past how much spinach I put inside. 

But hey, at least I tried. 

I did feel really great the days I downed the whole drink, though. Instead of sugary cereal that leaves me wanting more food in an hour, I felt more full and energized. It also felt great to get a lot of healthiness out of the way in the beginning of the day so I could splurge on yummier food for lunch or dinner. 

When I do this again, I'll definitely try out recipes until I find one I like enough to duplicate multiple times. And I'll stick to the portions that are tried and true. 

Do you guys do green smoothies in the morning? What's your favorite recipe? I need help! 
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Charity Z said...

I do a whole orange, 1/2 c water, a handful of berries, two handfuls of spinach, and a couple tablespoons of frozen OJ concentrate. For me the OJ concentrate makes the fruit taste strong enough to cover the spinach. You can sup pineapple juice for the water and that is good too.

Charity Z said...

Oh, and a banana. This makes two servings so for single servings you could half everything.

Kellie said...

I finally found a recipe I like.

Spinach, pineapple, blackberries, peaches, blueberries, strawberries, and banana (plus water and ice).

I got a can or container of each and made like 17 bags to freeze!

Note to self: plums do not work. The pits mess things up. I found this out the hard way.

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