Friday, January 18, 2013

Friday Favorites:

Welcome to the weekend! Hopefully your boobs will thank you at least once for not taking them to boob jail this weekend (name that show). I am excited because my Favorite Things Party is tomorow! I'll have an update on that soon enough. I'm also working on some exciting life changes that could be a big deal, so you know I'm gonna be all about the pro/con lists this weekend. Here's the link roundup!

31 unexpected street views found on Google maps

The 20 most beautiful children's books of all time

Being a teacher means making your own lunch on the daily. I couldn't find a cute lunch bag that fit my needs, until I found this shop on Etsy. Now I have two bags in rotation that make me happy to carry around my lunch all day.

An unexpected art class for teens in Park City, Utah (If I could take this, I would).
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