Saturday, December 15, 2012

A Sunday Quote

I hope you had some of both of these this weekend. I know I did. If you didn't literally laugh out loud when you saw this cat, keep looking until you do. This picture makes me so happy.

We just got back from seeing The Hobbit. That movie is so long and epic that I felt like I had a reality hangover when I walked out of the theater. We also got to try out Texas Roadhouse with our friends who just had a baby. We were there for their first night out since she's been born!

In other news, I may have gone extra hard at the gym today just so I could nosh on the gingerbread house we made at cousin night.

I'm also pretty sure I'm starting a book club. Message me if you're interested in joining! I'll probably post the book on here so anyone who wants to can join in!
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