Friday, December 14, 2012

Friday Favorites

It's Friday! I have been at the museum all week (usually we're in schools teaching, but my co-worker is in EUROPE for a month, so schools are out). It's nice to have a teaching break! For more on what I do at work, go here. This week we got to see lots of loved ones before we go off to California for Christmas. We made gingerbread houses, had FHE together, and even visited a little one in the hospital :( Luckily, she's doing better and will hopefully come home tomorrow. 

I'm super excited because my BFFL is coming down to have a ladies night with me tonight! Who even knows what we're going to do. Last time she came down, we ate dinner at home while Matt played video games and sat in my bed on our computers for an hour, then went to bed. And it was awesome, because we have the kind of relationship where we have an awesome time, every time, no matter what we do. This time we might go out and do something festive. I'll keep you updated.

Time for Friday Favorites! 

I'm re-writing a lesson I did while student teaching on barriers. I found this video about El Bocho + CNN's Berlin Wall Tape Art Project  for the 20th anniversary of the fall of the Berlin Wall. The things people come up with continue to amaze me. Watch's pretty cool. 

Do you guys know about Flash Mobs? A group of people get together and rehearse a dance, then meet up in a very public place to perform it as a surprise for strangers. I'm going to admit that this one made me cry (but then again, everything makes me cry). I just love the idea of strangers getting together to make other people smile! The world needs more things like this. 

This list of unexplainable GIFS had me crying laughter.

ps. The first time I tried having a civilized, decent public forum on Facebook about a hot button issue, it blew up in my face. Good to know! Turns out I can't take the heat.
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