Saturday, December 8, 2012

On Being A Movie Masochist

I know I'm about a billion months late on this bandwagon, but I just watched Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close. Remember that I have this thing where I can't get into pop culture stuff until after it's heyday? Yeah, sometimes it's the worst because I miss out on awesome things like this movie. Matt and I started watching it a couple of days ago. I think I cried three times before he turned the movie off because "it was making me act weird." Welcome to women, Matthew. We cry. I think he thinks I'm a movie masochist. 

Last night I stayed up way too late Christmas shopping online, which means I woke up way too late this morning. In fact, Matthew had already been to one or two events, cuddled me in bed, then got up and left for his third event before I got out of bed. (He's an early Saturday riser, that one.) Saturday is my day, which means I get to do whatever I want. Today I wanted to stay in bed and watch this movie, which made me cry approximately three more times before the end. The DVD even skipped at the most crucial part, but that didn't stop me from crying context-clue tears. 

What do you guys think about movies that make you cry? I have grown accustomed to watching "boy" movies like Batman and Spiderman and Ironman and anything with a noun-attached-to-the-word-man title, but I still just love movies that touch on the deepest and truest human experiences, like how a strange boy deals with the death of his father on 9/11. I don't care if it makes me cry. In fact, I'll probably like the movies more if I do. 
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