Thursday, November 8, 2012

How To Live With A Boy

This is your one and only warning that this post is going to scream newlywed.

Matt and I have been married for over five months. My, how the time goes quickly! When he was gone, I remember counting down hours in days, for two whole years. Now that we get to live together, time just flies.

Living with a boy has proved to be...interesting. I was having Ms. Lippy time in the lunch room at school today, and a man walked in and started up a conversation with me. He saw my ring and asked how long I've been married and replied, "Oh, the first year is always the hardest." I have heard that phrase so many unsolicited times in my life that it is now a platitude. Everyone keeps saying it, but they never go into detail! They never explain why the first year is the hardest. YOU SNEAKS! What do you even mean?!

I didn't even have to ask why before the guy said, "I mean, you have to get used to living with someone of the opposite sex." Thank you, kind stranger, for telling me the truth. And the moment he said it, I immediately agreed with him! I felt like I had caught a snitch or a unicorn or something!

Being married is the best. It's way better than having roommates. I've never lived alone, so I can't have an opinion on that one. You get to live with your favorite person in the whole world. There's someone to come home to at night who is so excited to see you. Being married to Matt really does make me happy.

That being said, there are certain adjustments to be made when a boy and a girl live with each other for the first time.

Here are a few things I have learned about Matt & myself since we moved in together:

1. He really really likes waking up early. To go fishing. On Saturday. Like, 4am early.

2. He cooks more than I do. I'm going to blame that one on my own laziness. And my full-time job.

3. He likes going to the gym after work 3x a week. This is a good motivator for me, but also makes me feel guilty when I'm too tired to go. I'm like, nah, I'll sit this one out.

4. I can only go a day or two with a messy house before it starts making me feel anxious and weird.

5. I hate taking out the trash more than most things. I think I've only taken out the trash a handful of times since we moved into our new apartment. The bin is so far away! Matt is the best at it.

6. Sometimes he surprises me and cleans the house before I come home on long work days.

7. Apparently I am the worst at taking naps. My idea of "taking a nap" means relaxing in bed and vegging on the computer. His idea of taking a nap means laying down in bed and falling asleep 8 seconds later. The days when I actually want a real nap, I just lay there infuriated, and he wakes up and I'm like pinterestfacebooktickldbloggerobsessed. "Hey, babe."

8. I am the worst at adjusting to new wards. I always feel like DERP until I get to know everyone...a year after I move in.

9. Matt's car is the worst. Period.

10. I think he would ask me to shave my head, just to get rid of all my long hairs everywhere, if shaved heads on girls were sexy. I think he would.

The new iPad Mini commercial just came on. You know, the one where the two Minis use the piano app to play chopsticks? Without even looking at each other, we just started harmonizing the parts. MFEO, baby.
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Charity Z said...

Being your own person is easy- being 1+1=1 is hard because it means you both have to make sacrifices to make the equation come out right. The awesome part about the whole "first year is the hardest" thing (which I agree with) is that if you're in a healthy relationship that means that the next year is better, and the next year is better, until you look back on almost a dozen years of marriage and think "I had no idea when we started that it could be this good."

K La said...

Everyone said that to me too. "The first year is the hardest." People told me that is was because you were still finding out about each other's quarks and little habits.
We dated for a long time (not as long as you and Matt, but still, a long time for BYU) and had been on several trips together, including camping, vacationing, and a week in mexico buiding houses with no showers. So, when we got married, there wern't a lot of surprises. I was like you, I thought living with a husband was WAY BETTER than living with roommates. Anyway, now being married for 5 years, I can say this: the first two years were, by far, the easiest. We were basically in honeymoon land until the baby was born. That was when we came back to reality. So, I think the hardest year is whenever you come back to reality. So, here's hoping you and Matt never do!

Leah Lott said...

Kelly! This post is hilarious! I just read number 10 to Ammon and he agrees! Haha! Good thing we look so sexy with our long hair. :)

Kellies said...

Thanks for the comments, guys!

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