Friday, November 9, 2012

Friday Favorites

What even happened this week? Here are a few of my favorite things from my life + around the Interwebz. Check it out! (Friday Favorites will be a weekly thing from now on. Go here to see last week's Friday Favorites post!)

Last weekend we watched our nephew Charlie overnight. 

And then Cari faced her biggest fear and attended her own bridal shower.

And then baby Evangeline was born! 

32 Mistakes We're All Going To Make (especially #27)

Still loving on the Hunger Games? A map of Panem in relation to the US. You're welcome

Contemporary art and the Bible? This guy made illuminated manuscripts of MML+J. 

"It's really risky for an artist who's working in the contemporary mainstream of art to be Christian, to be overtly Christian, because people are immediately going to make assumptions about you and what you're trying to say in your art."

Girl crush of the week: Rebel Wilson

 Go home, Elvis.

You are drunk.

Don't tell me this isn't true...

 How I feel about most crafts on Pinterest...

I got this for you...

Happy Friday! 

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