Tuesday, August 3, 2010

this is for natalia

Life has been a good kind of busy lately. The kind of busy where you forget to eat because you're having so much fun...but also working a lot. I am starting to dread work, but that is just me hating to grow up. If I didn't have a job I'd dread that, too. It's always better to be busy, I think. It keeps you out of trouble.

I've been thinking about going on a mission; not because Matt is on one and people keep telling me "You could be back before he got back! It'd be perfect!" (because that is the worst reason I can think of), but because I have felt the Spirit telling me to prepare. Maybe it's the preparation for something spiritual that I really need, not the actual mission. I have no idea, but I am slowly working it out on my own time. I am not anxious or in a rush. I am confident I will get the answer I need on God's time. I appreciate advice from wiser people.

I had a birthday. I was dreading it because of Matt's absense and the fact that he makes celebrations amazing, but God sent me angels and I had (for the most part) an amazing day. Lunch, whores, shopping, tie-dying FHE, decorated hallways, balloons, cake. How is a 22 year old supposed to act? Who even knows, but it better be how I'm acting because I like who I am.

Life is beautiful. My car is 100 degrees at any given point in the day, I get headaches from looking at the computer for hours on end at work, but I relish summer evenings in the grass, running around in the hot moonlight and being invited to one event by three different people. I am looking forward to a weeklong vacation in San Francisco. My wanderlust will finally be satiated, and that is an exciting feeling. I have so many plans for that week that I don't even know where to start...I guess with finals and a week of intense work, then a plane ride, some planning, and a couple days of wandering with no plans. I like to explore a city like a dream; just let it happen to you and you'll find greater things than you could have ever planned. August 22-27 will be Dream Week with the Dream Team (aka me and Brittney Freaking Larsson). She was sent to me from God, I swear. She is the kind of person who brings me her phone charger at work when I have five hours left, and comes in with a boba and a present for my birthday, then stays for three hours so I won't be lonely. She feeds me dinner and listens to drama and makes me want to be a better person.

When life gets hard, I think of people in my life who are having a much harder time than I am and then try to help them out someway. It really makes my problems seem like an absolute joke. How can I help you? I feel God telling me that I need to be his angel to give back for receiving so many around me lately. Is that not the cheesiest thing you have ever heard? Sometimes I wonder if people read my blog and think Kellie is in la-la-land.

Before this summer ends, I would like to:

go to seven peaks
go on a date with the Unicorn
have a spa day (hopefully in San Francisco)
see Wicked (again, SF)
save a couple hundred dollars more towards a new(er) car
be in a body of water
learn how to keep my room clean
bless someone's life
see The Sir Charles
stop worrying about boys

that is all i ask
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Naazju said...

I love your list of "goals/wants" for this summer. Even if you only get two or three it'd count as an amazing summer, in my book.

And there are many reasons the Spirit is prompting you to do more preparation. The first is that you'll be called to bless lives away from here, the second, that you'll be given a calling that will ask you to bless lives here, and the third (that I can think of), that Heavenly Father knows how much Matt is growing and wants you to have a chance to stretch yourself, too. You won't know for sure right now, but I think all of those are admirable reasons to really dig into the Gospel.

Gopher Girl said...

Sir Charles is waiting to see you tomorrow!!

Amy Michelle said...

naa - i don't think you're in la-la land - I think you are very open and sincere and that is a gift. You sound great and I know things will work out. :)

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