Saturday, July 17, 2010

Ridiculously Late New Year's Resolutions Update

Way back in January, I decided to make some goals. Way back in February, I completely forget about those goals. Time to see how I did!

1. Take 365 pictures in 365 days.

I'm just as surprised as you are that I am still keeping up on this. I have started posting once every 2-3 weeks because, let's face it, I finally have a life and living that life is more important than updating every day right now. And some of the pictures are last-minute and crappy, but they're still documentation. Booyah, year! I will dominate you with my picture-taking skills!

2. Move {somewhere, someone}

In January, J and I had lofty plans to move to Oregon this summer. After months of searching for a job, and even going there and interviewing and sending out resumes, we had no leads and lots of frustration. We both decided it was God's way of telling us we needed to stay where we were and bloom where we were planted. So even though I did not move out of Provo, I feel like I got the better end of the stick. This summer is 1,000 times better than I ever imagined it could be...ok, maybe only 500 times. But still, I am very happy God made the decision for me to stay where I am.

3. Create more art.

I have taken three art classes this summer and found out that I really enjoy watercolor, that I am really bad at glassblowing, and that I don't utterly suck at ceramics.

4. Stop worrying so much.

This is an awful resolution because there is not way to quantify or qualify it. Let's just say: yes.

5. Say yes more.

Past Me would be baffled at how active Present Me is in my ward. I go to almost everything and say yes every time I don't have work or school conflicts. I also went on a date today.

I have also been prompted to do certain things that I have said yes to. That counts, right?

I was also offered a job as a consultant for a new art school in Orem. The job is only like two hours a week, but hopefully once that is over and I have graduated in April, they will hire me as a full-time art teacher. Can't say no to that right now...

6. Care more about my life than my body.
By saying yes more, I have tubed the Snake River, gone boating/tubing at Deer Creek Reservoir, played frisbee and tons of active night games, and started walking to school more, without having to go to the gym once. J said I look skinnier (and I hope that's true), but I just feel better. And it's way more fun.
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Sarah said...

I really like your goals! I've heard of people doing the 365 challenge. Unfortunately I'm challenged in that area...maybe I could do the challenge with clothes:)

Jensen: Dana and Ruth said...

Dear Kelly,
You're awesome. If you need to feel better about your ceramic creations, you should look at mine. The pictures of my creations are riddled through October-December of 2008. Have fun laughing at them :-) I do.


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