Tuesday, August 10, 2010

That's Embarassing...

In honor of Allister Bee's awesomeness, and my own narcissism, here are some of my most embarssing moments:

-When I was ten I was at a picnic with my friend's family (including her cute older brother) and laughed so hard I farted....#thatsembarassing

-I watch reality TV to make me feel like I'm actually doing something good with my life....#thatsembarassing

-When I was little I had a major baby phase spurred by an awesome Halloween outfit in which I drank everything out of a baby bottle for two weeks....#thatsembarassing

-I was so clumsy in high school that my parents started calling me Grace Kellie....#thatsembarassing

-I jump, even when I see the person gearing up to scare me beforehand....#thatsembarassing

-I take at least 5 pictures of myself on my phone before I go out to make sure I look good...and then people find them when they're snooping through my phone and I have to fess up to it...#thatsembarassing

-For Prom a group of us went to a nice tepanyaki house for dinner. When the chef threw a ball of rice for me to catch in my mouth, I swerved, causing the boy next to me to ram his straw up his nose. He bled everywhere...#thatsembarassing

-I have a girl crush on Justin Bieber, but only for his music....#thatsembarassing

-Every time I eat chocolate covered raising I think of rat poop, but eat them anyway....#thatsembarassing

-I do not know the geography of my own country. Since I was in a gifted class the year they taught the states, the teacher assumed we all knew it already. I haven't had the initiative to learn it since....#thatsembarassing

-I think I look cool when I'm driving around with the windows down and the rap blasting, but in reality, my car is so crappy the AC doesn't work, and I live in Provo, Utah...#thatsembarassing

-When I was 13 I was playing a game at my friend's Bat Mitzvah where we had to run across the dance floor with the music. I face planted and my skirt flew up in front of everyone haha....#thatsembarassing

-One time I went camping with my art class in Zion. My teacher's wife reached out to pat my arm and patted my boob instead. She played it off like nothing happened....#thatsembarassing

Please comment back with some of your most embarassing moments, or better yet, make a post and put the link here! Come on, we're all family.
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Che' said...

Ha hahahha... ha hahha! These are awesome! Thanks for sharing!!

Kristen said...

what? that is my cousin's blog! weird...i love your embarrassing moments though :) too funny

Amy Michelle said...

my favorite is the straw and nose one - i don't know why but it killed me :) you're aweseome

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